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«The Book of Taliesyn» (1968) Anthem — стихи, аккорды. >        Am         C                F       E7             Am      C     F When the night winds softly blow    through my open window >        E7                Am         C     F     F     E7      E7 then I start to remember     the girl that brought me joy >        Am         C               F       E7         Am      C    … Читать далее »


Anya — стихи, аккорды, табы [————————————————————— -5-6—5—————————————————— ——7——5-7-4-5——4-5p4—4—4-5p4——————— ————————7———-7—5———5-7—————— ———————7—————————————— —————————————————————] !        At the end of the second time through this riff, at the *, !        play a <G> chord followed by an <E> minor. !        then play these quickly (2x) [————————— ————————— —2—4—5—2—4—5——— —2—4—5—2—4—5——— —0—0—0—0—0—0——— —————————] !        The chords for the… Читать далее »

Anyone’s Daughter

«Fireball» (1971) Anyone’s Daughter — стихи, аккорды. >        G Well, I stood under your bedroom window Throwing up a brick No one came I threw one more That really did the trick Your daddy came and banged my head He said what kind of man Is this that’s hanging ’round my girl And threw me… Читать далее »


«Deep Purple» (1969) April !        (Blackmore/Lord) >        Gm               F April is a cruel time >                                Eb7 Even though the sun may shine >                               D7+9 And world will turn to shake >                           Gm As it slowly comes away >                               F Still falls the April rain >  … Читать далее »

Black Night

Black Night — стихи, аккорды, табы !        This is the Bass Tab for «Black Night» !        This song is very simple and is based on a nice bluesy scale !        Riff #1 [——-|——————————-|——————|——————| ——-|——5————5—7-5——|——————|-5—————-| ——-|—7—7-5—5-7—7——7—|-5-7—————|—7—————| ——-|————7——————-|——————-|——————|] !        This riff is repeated twice before every verse !        Riff #2 [——-|——————————-|- ——-|———————————|-  X  … Читать далее »


Deep Purple in Rock (1970) Bloodsucker — стихи, аккорды, табы. !        (Blackmore/Gillian/Glover/Lord/Paice) !        Riff I (Intro): [e|—————————————| b|—————————————-| g|—————————————-| d|—————————————-| a|———5———————5——-| E|-5-6-7—6-5-3——-5-6-7—6-5-3-|] !        Riff II (Verse): [e|——————————————————————| b|——————————————————————| g|——————————————————————| d|——————————————————————| a|————————5—4—3————————————5———| E|-0—0-0-0—0-0-0—3—2—1——0—0-0-0—0-0-0- 5-6-7—6-5-3-|] !        play a few times !        last time end after the descending part (3 2 1) and play:… Читать далее »


«Burn» (1974) Burn — стихи, аккорды, табы. !        (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) !        Key: B flat Intro:        <Gm> >            Gm The sky is red, I don’t understand; >        F/G past midnight I still see the land. >          Gm People are sayin’ the woman is damned, >         C                                         Gm she… Читать далее »

Chasing Shadows

«DeepPurple» (1969) Chasing Shadows — стихи, аккорды. !        (Lord/Paice) >        Em7 Chasing shadows >        Bm7               G          A        Em7 Over the ground      with myself only sleeping Dwarves and giants >                    Bm7 Twenty feet tall >        G           A               Em7 Fill the room with their grieving Sounds of breathing >                   Bm7… Читать далее »

Child in Time

«Deep Purple in Rock» (1970) — стихи, аккорды. Child in Time !        (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) Intro:        <G G Am     G G Am     F F G     G G Am> >           G G Am                  G G Am (1)        Sweet Child in time >                                    F… Читать далее »

Cry Free

Стихи, аккорды, табы. «In Rock» Cry Free !        (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) !        The Transcription takes you through before the bridge which leads into the !        guitar solo. The Transcription covers the intro and verse parts. !        The tune starts off with the following chromatic sequence: [e|———————|—————-| } To Main Riff B|———————-|—————-| G|———————-|—————-| D|———————… Читать далее »